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The Breadwinners

Apr 16, 2020

Yes, you can’t leave your house but that’s no excuse for not networking. In this episode, Jennifer is joined by Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network, to talk about how to foster your network without the usual in-person coffee date. HOT TIP: Ellevate is accepting applications for a special cohort of Squads on Leading Through Uncertainty. This online peer mentoring program allows you to work on your professional challenges, give and receive feedback, and find new ideas. Learn more at How are you keeping in touch with your existing network — and how are you making new connections? Tell us your story at Help us tell the stories that mean the most to you. Please help us grow: Rate, review and subscribe to The Breadwinners on Apple podcasts! Episode Links Ellevate Podcast Ellevate Network Squads Women Are Now the Majority of the U.S. Workforce — But Working Women Still Face Serious Challenges Want more Jennifer? Visit Jennwork: Want more Rachael? Visit Reworking Parents: Want more Kristy? Visit Ellevate Network: Our music is “Run for your Money,” by Devil and Perfects. Listen to them on Spotify.