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The Breadwinners

Apr 30, 2020

Even before the pandemic hit, more than 3 million college-educated women were trying to return to the workforce after years away. Aprés, an online jobs site, is designed to help. In this bonus episode, Jennifer + Aprés CEO Stacey Delo (co-author of Your Turn: Careers, Kids & Comebacks: A Working Mother's Guide) consider why women leave the workforce — and how best to help them return when the time is right. Are you a mom aiming to return to work? Tell us your story at Help us tell the stories that mean the most to you. Please help us grow: Rate, review and subscribe to The Breadwinners on Apple podcasts! Episode Links Your Turn: Careers, Kids, and Comebacks — A Working Mother's Guide 7 Things Employers Can Do for Working Moms During COVID-19 Balancing Work and Family Starts with the Right Mindset Want more Jennifer? Visit Jennwork: Want more Rachael? Visit Reworking Parents: Want more Stacey? Visit Apres: Our music is “Run for your Money,” by Devil and Perfects. Listen to them on Spotify.