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The Breadwinners

Jun 30, 2020

We’ve all experienced a toxic workplace — but have you ever stepped up to speak out about the problems you see? In this episode, Rachael + Jennifer consider the research regarding employee voice — the phenomenon of workers speaking up when they see or hear something that troubles them — and what happens when we all feel silenced. Please rate, review and subscribe to The Breadwinners anywhere you listen to podcasts. Refinery29 Top Editor Christene Barberich Steps Down After Backlash Over Lack of Diversity, ‘Racist Aggressions’ The 'Bon Appétit' Test Kitchen and the Myth of the Happy Workplace Create a Workplace Where Everyone Feels Comfortable Speaking Up The Neural Bases Of Social Pain: Evidence For Shared Representations With Physical Pain Want more Jennifer? Visit Jennwork: Want more Rachael? Visit Reworking Parents: Our music is “Run for your Money,” by Devil and Perfects. Listen to them on Spotify.