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The Breadwinners

Apr 23, 2020

Influencers have seen their work completely upended by the pandemic, prompting a shift away from aspirational posts back to more authentic takes on life — and Danielle Wiley, founder and CEO of Sway Group, a marketing agency and influencer network of more than 25,000 creators, welcomes the change. In this bonus episode, Jennifer and Danielle consider the authenticity shift, the ongoing pay gap for female influencers, and how brand campaigns may change going forward. What social media messaging are you experiencing during the COVID era? Tell us your story at Help us tell the stories that mean the most to you. Please help us grow: Rate, review and subscribe to The Breadwinners on Apple podcasts! Episode Links Women Make up Majority Of Influencer Community, Still Earn Less Than Male Influencers Social Media Fact Sheet Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Women Consumers 15 Strategies to Engage Followers And Stay at the Top of User Feeds Want more Jennifer? Visit Jennwork: Want more Rachael? Visit Reworking Parents: Want more Danielle? Visit Sway Group: Our music is “Run for your Money,” by Devil and Perfects. Listen to them on Spotify.