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The Breadwinners

Jul 2, 2020

Studies suggest Black women may be almost twice as likely to experience infertility as White women — and much less likely to seek medical help to get pregnant, let alone talk openly about it. In this episode, media executive Kim Sealy shares her infertility story with Jennifer. From the costs of IVF to the sadness of miscarriages to the stress of responding to her Caribbean family’s traditional views, Kim encourages Black women to share their stories — and seek the help they need to start the families they desire. “You’re expected to be perfect and when I discovered that I was having issues, I didn’t go out and tell everyone.” — Kim Sealy Please help us grow: Rate, review and subscribe to The Breadwinners today! Episode Links Why Are So Many Black Women Suffering Through Infertility in Silence? This Is Why We Chose To Talk About Black Women And Infertility Here’s Why Many Black Women Are Silent About Their Struggle With Infertility What No Talks About at Work: Infertility and Miscarriages Infertility and Impaired Fecundity in the United States, 1982–2010: Data From the National Survey of Family Growth Want more Jennifer? Visit Jennwork: Want more Rachael? Visit Reworking Parents: Want more Kim? Visit her on LinkedIn: Our music is “Run for your Money,” by Devil and Perfects. Listen to them on Spotify.